Infinite Paths to Peace (IPTP) Leadership Retreat Series

The IPTP Leadership Retreat Series supports the personal and spiritual growth of Shinnyo-en youth to live out their values and become peaceful leaders in their daily life.

Beginning in 2015, Shinnyo-en Foundation has partnered with Search Institute and Shinnyo-en Youth Association (YA) to respond to the needs and interests of Shinnyo-en youth. After extensive focus groups, interviews, and planning meetings with the YA members, we have been co-creating the series of leadership retreats called the Infinite Paths to Peace (IPTP) Leadership Retreats. In 2022,  the Foundation formed a new partnership with ACET Inc. and began our collaboration with them for the remainder of the IPTP Leadership Retreat Series. 

These retreats are modeled after the successes of our Annual Retreat. Similar to our Annual Retreat, the IPTP Leadership Retreats is also designed to be an interfaith and intergenerational gathering by inviting a few adult participants with varied faith or religious background, along with Shinnyo-en youth (early teens to adults in mid-30’s). However, unlike our Annual Retreat, the Infinite Paths to Peace Leadership Retreat Series is designed specifically for Shinnyo-en youth. These retreats are also offered in six different Shinnyo-en USA and Hawaii Temple communities across the U.S. 

The IPTP Leadership Retreat Series provides Shinnyo-en youth with the tools and resources to live out their values for peace, justice and harmony as leaders in their temples and in their daily life. If you are a Shinnyo-en youth interested in this opportunity, please contact your Temple Manager, a local YA chief or sub-chiefs for more information and the application process.

IPTP Leadership Retreat Series Articles

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