Shinnyo-en Foundation  strives to serve organizations large and small, and provide opportunities for individuals to live the motto.


The goals of our grantmaking 

  • Engage youth and adults in meaningful acts of service.
  • Guide them in reflecting on their service and its relationship to their social, emotional and personal growth.
  • Nurture goodwill between youth and adults of diverse faiths, backgrounds and beliefs for the good of their communities.
  • Cultivate universal values, such as lovingkindness, compassion, harmony and respect for others.

Who we fund

Shinnyo-en Foundation provides grants to an array of organizations, ranging from small community-based organizations to national nonprofits, and schools to universities. The Foundation grantees are organizations rich in diversity in terms of age, race, gender, cultural background, size, focus area and location. While the scope of the Foundation’s financial support to these organizations varies, what they all share is a commitment to the values of the Foundation.

The relationship with our partners is as important to us as the results achieved.
We embrace a grantmaking approach built on mutual respect and collaboration.

How we fund

To see if your organization’s priorities align with ours, first please review our mission and values under About SEF. If you’d like to further inquire about the possibility of funding, please connect with us through our Contact Us page and include a brief introductory paragraph about your organization.

We do not accept unsolicited grant proposal inquiries and less than 10% of our grant funds are allocated to new grantees or partnerships annually.

Focus Areas

Geographic Focus

Our grantmaking is generally focused on five metropolitan areas across the United States.

Chicago – Los Angeles – New York – San Francisco – Seattle

Shinnyo-en Foundation does not fund organizations or projects outside of the United States.