Our Peace Initiative

Like a pebble, each small act of service could collectively add to a path to peace.

Our peace initiative, Infinite Paths to Peace, represents our idea that it is possible to inspire new reverberations of peace through service if we each reflect on our values and passions deeply, and make a commitment to offer our unique contributions to the world. It is our hope that this initiative will continue encouraging ALL of us to explore and identify how our values, talents and passions can be used in our daily lives to serve others. Your contribution to the world might start small like the first steps making way for a larger path, but we believe peace can begin with a single act regardless of its size.

We aspire to provide various opportunities for our affiliates, partners, Shinnyo-en youth and adult members to actualize their paths to peace in our sponsored programs. Likewise, we aim to connect and partner with grantees in serving youth and their communities, and allow their youth to actualize their paths to peace through our grantmaking.

Concurrently, we believe that a service can bring us joy and peace. When we engage in service truly for others, and also align our mind, heart and actions within ourselves, our service can fill us with humility, gratitude, lovingkindness, and compassion in return. More information on aligning one’s mind, heart and actions in service, please refer to the Paradigm of Service page.

Intentional service can create new reverberations of peace