Shinnyo-en is an operational and grant-making philanthropic foundation, with its own educational and leadership development programs.

These programs offer leadership opportunities and raise awareness of the way  service helps us  create or connect to the community.

We believe in:

  • Building Relationships. We want to give ample opportunities to get to know partners and grantee organizations, and to facilitate connections among them. We believe that our actions as a grantmaker have far greater impact because of these relationships we build.
  • Investing in the Shinnyo-en USA Temple Community. We are dedicated to creating bridges between Shinnyo-en USA temples and their immediate communities.
  • Reaching Youth and Young Adults, Nurturing Future Leaders. A service-oriented life provides all people with the possibility of joy and peace. We focus our work on nurturing service especially in youth and supporting their own unique spiritual, cultural and emotional development.

Participant Eligibility:

Some programs are offered to only Shinnyo-en USA’s youth members while others are also open to the Foundation’s affiliates and grantees. The Shinnyo Fellowship Program is offered uniquely to either post-undergraduates or undergraduate students of our Shinnyo Fellowship Program partner universities.

Our Programs

Annual Retreat

An intimate intergenerational overnight gathering of our affiliates to reflect, be inspired, and rejuvenate

Infinite Paths to Peace Leadership Retreat Series

An overnight retreat series to support personal and spiritual growth of Shinnyo-en youth to live out their values and become peaceful leaders in their daily lives

National Service-Learning Conference

A large-scale conference organized by National Youth Leadership Council for our affiliates and Shinnyo-en youth to join hundred others and learn about the best practices and research, and engage in leadership development and professional networking

New Mexico Interfaith Immersion Trip

A week-long immersive interfaith and service-learning trip to New Mexico for a small group of interfaith teens, including Shinnyo-en teens

Putney School Summer Arts

A boarding summer school offered by Putney School for a few Shinnyo-en teens to join other teens and explore various art forms and creative expressions to cultivate a more harmonious world

Shinnyo Fellowship Program

A school-year long fellowship program for undergraduate and post-undergraduate fellows to engage in campus and community service, and peacebuilding endeavors as they identify and actualize their paths to peace

Shinnyo Lantern Floating Hawaii

A very special opportunity for a few guests of Shinnyo-en Foundation to experience firsthand a traditional lantern floating that honors the life of loved ones who passed before us.