Annual Retreat

Since 1999, our Annual Retreat has been an intimate intergenerational gathering offered to our affiliates and grantees to reflect on their spirit of service, be inspired by others, and rejuvenate themselves.

One of the ways that Shinnyo-en Foundation (SEF) serves is to convene youth and adult leaders from our affiliated organizations at an Annual Retreat. Since 1999 we’ve invited participants across generations with different cultural, social, and spiritual backgrounds to gather together at a retreat center in Northern California. Over time, the content of the retreat has taken many shapes, evolving into the intimate gathering of our affiliates as it is today. It offers our grantees, Shinnyo Fellows and their supervisors, Shinnyo-en youth and adult members an opportunity to connect with each other, be inspired by others, and build personal relationships with new or regular retreat participants. It also offers a time to reflect deeply about what motivates us to serve and discuss how we could apply our paths to peace into our daily life.

Participation in an Annual Retreat is by invitation only. If you are a Shinnyo-en youth or adult interested in this opportunity, please contact your Temple Manager, a local YA chief or sub-chief for more information about the application process.

Annual Retreat Articles

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