Service as a way of life – reimaging service as the result of a particular intention that brings us joy and fulfillment.

Shinnyo-en Foundation strives toward creating a more harmonious and peaceful world by supporting youth who are engaged in meaningful acts of service. There are so many ways to serve and walk towards peace. We value all acts of service; these acts may be small, daily actions or larger, more collective efforts. Rather than being a particular kind of action, we see service as the result of a particular type of intention, that is, the internal motivations that drive our actions for others.

Our grantmaking supports organizations or projects committed towards opening up opportunities for youth to become involved in their communities, learn from their communities, and contribute towards addressing community concerns and problems through service. We believe that being of service to others leads to greater peace, joy and learning. Reflection plays an important role in the service experience. As we become more aware of the connections between our service and our attitudes, beliefs or values that motivate us to serve, we can grow our social, emotional and spiritual selves.

Featured articles of our grantees working in the field of interfaith collaboration can be found below.

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