Spring Unveils Renewal: Highlights from the Infinite Paths to Peace Retreat #2 at Loyola University

May 7, 2023

Spring signaled the beginning of the Infinite Paths to Peace Retreat #2 at Loyola University’s Retreat & Ecology Campus in Woodstock, IL, taking place from May 5th to 7th, 2023. Similar to the gathering in Seattle, this occasion marked one of the initial face-to-face meetings for some Shinnyo-en young adults (YAs) since the pandemic. Over the two and a half days, there was a noticeable evolution in participants’ comfort and vulnerability, adding to the positive atmosphere of the event.

During the retreat, participants actively engaged in a dialogue exploring key moments in their personal leadership journeys. They delved into the impact of personal values and spirituality on their leadership styles, the challenges and rewards of leadership, and the relevance of the Five Petals of Shinnyo-en Leadership.

A well-loved and enduring activity was the Fishbowl Style Conversation about Leadership Experiences, where seasoned practitioners and community leaders shared valuable insights into their leadership journeys. This Fishbowl Style Conversation fostered a meaningful exchange of perspectives and wisdom among attendees. Through this activity, younger participants gained valuable insights into the shared experiences of older “elders” and community experts, realizing common feelings and moments of growth in their leadership journeys.

Beyond the structured activities, the retreat provided spaces for spontaneous connections, joy, and expression. Saturday night’s open mic session exceeded expectations, standing out as one of the most memorable hosted by the Shinnyo-en Foundation. The event offered an opportunity for participants to showcase their talents and share moments of creativity and inspiration in a supportive and encouraging environment.