An “Incredible Opportunity” at the 2022 Shinnyo-en Foundation Annual Retreat!

July 31, 2022

Isabella (Bella) Wren Sullivan, a youth advisory council mentor of the National Youth Leadership Council, published this post on her LinkedIn to share her excitement about our Annual Retreat!

“This past weekend, I had the incredible opportunity to participate in the 2022 Annual Shinnyo-en Retreat in San Francisco! Thanks to the Foundation staff’s hard work, participants had a chance to connect and learn more about our respective paths to peace. I feel so grateful to have been invited to this retreat by NYLC, and I hope to attend again in the future!”

We were honored to have Bella join us in sharing a fun and self-reflective time together.

Since 1999, Shinnyo-en Foundation has been hosting an Annual Retreat. By offering a safe and comfortable place to reflect and rejuvenate, our Annual Retreat became an opportunity for our affiliates to restore their energy and reaffirm their commitment to serve the underserved.

Exciting and spontaneous activities are also key features of our Annual Retreat! Learning to play fun games, dancing, and sharing our personal stories bring us all together.

Beaded bracelet making is one of the most cherished Annual Retreat activities. While reflecting on their shared experiences at the Annual Retreat in small groups, retreat participants take time to give and receive selected beads, to model the reciprocity of service. Each beaded bracelet becomes a reminder of their commitment to service as well as a symbol of new and old friendships.