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National Service-Learning Conference

The National Service-Learning Conference is the largest of its kind in the U.S. and is an international gathering place for teachers, students and practitioners from throughout the country and world to help them cultivate service efforts in schools, nonprofit organizations and communities. Shinnyo-en Foundation has been a partner with the conference organizer, National Youth Leadership Council in St. Paul, MN for many years and has been one of the sponsors of this conference. The Foundation’s involvement has also included addressing keynote speeches, presenting workshops, sponsoring presentations of our grantees and encouraging participation of  Shinnyo-en Youth Association members.

“Participating in this conference was eye opening and inspirational.  The youths impressed me with their energy and passion to help others in society.  They were all driven to extend their compassion for the causes they believe in.  I also admired how young they are and what bright futures they will have.  This conference itself was a utopia where it was full of compassion and support.  Each person had struggles and challenges in tackling the issues, but he/she believed in his/her mission.  I felt that each person there was a part of a large support network that worked hard for peace.  I was touched with the people’s effort to bring happiness to others… – 2012 Shinnyo-en Youth Participant

“I learned so much and took so much away from this experience and it is continuing to affect how I am in my daily life today. It’s hard to put into words just how much this experience meant to me. I have been inspired again and again to do more in my community and lead more people to find their love for service.” – 2016 Shinnyo-en Youth Participant

The 2018 National Service-Learning Conference: Justice in Action, will be held in Saint Paul, MN from March 11 – 13, 2018. If you are an interested YA, please visit the conference website to learn more and talk to your local YA chiefs today about this opportunity! 


Highlights from past conferences

2017 – Dare to Dream

2016 – Educate. Ignite. Transform.

2015 – More Powerful Together

2014 – Monumental 

2012 – Youth Address World Issues at Our World, Our Future

2011 – The Foundation is a World Sponsor at 22nd NSLC

2011 – Transformation through Service speech by Nichelle Blanco