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The Putney School Summer Program Application Now Accepted!

The Putney School Summer Programs, Putney, Vermont, offer students the opportunity for in-depth exploration in the visual arts, performing arts, and creative writing, as well as sustainability through the Farm Program. The Program for International Education for non-native English speakers offers English-language classes and accelerated learning through language immersion. We enroll 135 students in each 3-week summer session.  

The Putney School Summer Programs founded in 1987 is a program of The Putney School and offers a full range of workshops in the visual and performing arts, music, creative writing and English as a Foreign Language for students age 14-17.  Studios, dormitories, classrooms and performance spaces are centrally located on a 500-acre campus in southern Vermont, surrounded by a working organic farm and dairy, far removed from the urban and suburban environment.

The campus houses a close-knit community of 135 students for each of two consecutive three-week summer sessions, with a total of 270 students. The program provides opportunities for young people to experience personal growth using the skills they learn in this vibrant international community of high school age students.  Students expand their awareness and understanding of other cultures through learning and living together.  The wealth of talent, thoughtful engagement and diversity of the summer student population and staff enrich the experience of each individual and of the community as a whole.

The artistic community created is enhanced by the efforts of teenagers who come from all over the world with a wide range of socio-economic, political and cultural beliefs, backgrounds and faiths. Students bring a desire to express themselves creatively and to improve their abilities through many artistic mediums. This model of an artistic pursuit in a beautiful natural surrounding has been successful to develop creative and positive approaches of self-expression and to actively engage in sharing their efforts with peers and adults.

Shinnyo-en Foundation has been a partner with the Putney School Summer Programs since 2006. We have been able to provide scholarships to students in need of financial aid each year. In addition, the Putney School has incorporated the Foundation’s Six Billion Paths to Peace in its summer programs. Students and faculty alike engage in the open stage to freely express their passion for peace and service. The Putney School Summer Programs is one of several programs in which the Foundation supports the participation of Shinnyo-en Young Adults around the country.

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