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Looking Forward

This past week I went back to the States to attend the weddings of some very dear friends. I have been thinking a lot in recent weeks about the...

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Self Care

Those that work in care giving professions – educators, health workers and the like – give a lot of their energy. Most are so invested that they continually go...

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On Display

This week the Art Program hosted a Noche de Gala (Gala Night) – an art and music exhibition. The event was held at El Sitio, an art gallery and...

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Reunited…and it Feels so Good

Educators don’t play favorites. At least, we’re not supposed to. But, we’re also human and we connect with our students in vastly different ways. These children have all become...

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Getting Closer

We’re back at work, and the building feels so lonely and empty without the students. They are the life and energy of this place. It’s eerie and echoey without...

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