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Six Billion Paths to Peace Club in Leon, Mexico

Youth in Mexico clean lakes and share warm drinks and sweets with people in the local hospital.
HospitalProjectLeon (11)
On March 15th the Six Billion Paths to Peace Club of Leon, Mexico.  The 26 person team made up of 6 children, 12 youth, and 8 adults paid a visit to the “Hospital Regional de Leon” at the Emergency Care at 8:00PM.  When the team arrived there were already many people there, waiting for their family members, friends, and relatives that had been admitted to the hospital. As part of a Six Billion Paths to Peace activity the children decided that to bring some warm drinks and sweets would soothe the anguish of those in the waiting area.
Six Billion Paths To Peace Hospital 102
Six Billion Paths To Peace Hospital 114
Every member brought juice, coffee, tea, sweets, cookies, and bread. When they went to purchase the goods they were given especially cheap prices when they told the store owners of their trip to the hospital to serve others!  And more surprisingly someone else also offered to give them a salad to share with the people in the hospital!HospitalProjectLeon (7)

At the hospital the youth put a small table in the waiting area, with guidance from a nurse. When people saw the Six Billion Paths to Peace Club, right there in the waiting room they were very surprised.  However, when the little team members started to distribute everything with such kindness, the people were suddenly happy and smiles could be seen everywhere.  Some of them said “thank you so much, I haven’t eaten anything all day” and another person said “God bless you!” while another said, “You have all already won your way to heaven.”  As the people in the waiting room could not understand the words on their teeshirts in English, but were very interested, the youth explained what “6 Billones de Caminos Hacia la Paz” was all about, and when they explained with such enthusiasm, all said: “Great work! Please continue serving others.”

Six Billion Paths To Peace Hospital 049

All the Six Billion Paths to Peace Club members were so happy to serve and they all said that when the people smiled they felt such joy in their hearts.


OjoDeAgua (2)Another activity in March was the cleaning of a lake in Leon. Most Sundays from 9:00 – 10:30 am about 20 members of the Six Billion Paths to Peace Club set off to a lake in Leon, very close to where the team members live.  The Lake called “Ojo de Agua” or Eye of Water is a beautiful location but as it is dirty, the people cannot enjoy it.  So the children decided to roll up their sleeves and clean the area.  They also wrote 10 signs with very nice and peaceful message, such as: “Please keep the lake clean” or “The world will thank you if you take care of this place.”CleaningOjoAgua

In the words of the children participating in the activity “When we do something bad to nature, we are doing those bad things to ourselves, as humans and nature are inseparable.

However, when the children returned the next week there were practically no signs left. They understood that some persons had taken them. So the team decided that they would continue until the people understood the message of Six Billion Paths to Peace!



One day when the message would be understood and the signs would remain standing, then they felt that they had reached their goal and would celebrate by having a picnic there.

CleaningOjoAgua (1)

The good news is that the last Sunday they visited the lake, it was cleaner than the first two times as they collected less than half the number of bags of trash and other persons that happened to be there joined in to collect the trash!

President Ailyn with Haru Inouye, CEO Shinnyo-en Foundation

President Ailyn with Haru Inouye, CEO Shinnyo-en Foundation

According to Ailyn who is the 14 year old President of the “Six Billion Paths to Peace” Club, she said

“If we clean together it is easier, faster and much more fun! Everybody on the team said this!

I don’t know if it is a coincidence, but I saw many more different and beautiful birds on the last visit. I can’t wait to have a picnic here!”