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Shinnyo-en Foundation Supports the Launch of i am jerusalem!

What a wonderful first event we had on Saturday April 23rd ! With the support of friends, neighbors, and community partners, i am jerusalem launched its product line!

The hosts and guests together viewed the award winning documentary “On Common Ground,” which is about three houses of worship that travel to Mexico to build a home, and in turn, a lasting relationship amongst each other. i am jerusalem looks forward to future events and is so grateful for the support of Enerji Studio in Tustin.

For those who could not attend, but had been invited to the launch event, and thought, cool, but what is it? i am jerusalem is a concept, an idea, a movement towards peace and understanding, starting with a simple shirt.

Years ago, dear friends Valentina Khan and Sarah Wallace realized as a Muslim and a Christian, respectively, that they both loved God the same way…they decided to focus on what they shared (their roots) and respect their differences (their branches). They could leave the arguing to others, but they wanted to cherish what they and their fellow Abrahmic Jewish family had in common. They felt called to do something small to bring reconciliation; they are all daughters of Abraham.

They wore shirts; they liked shirts, and they thought they might be able to have people at least see what they believe.  Maybe they could brand themselves in something thought provoking and heart moving.

Years later they finally made the shirts. With the addition of their sister Sande Hart, they started IAJ, and with the help of their incredible attorney Lufti, i am jerusalem became a non-profit organization with the 501(c)3 status.  Candles made by our dear friend Stephanie, and with our supportive friend, Adam Gentry at Enerji Fitness, these three co-founders hosted the event and launched IAJ! It is the beginning, and they have hope for something great!

If you wear shirts, like candles, write cards, and believe that even a small step towards peace is something, please support IAJ. They share a holy land, and more importantly, a hopeful heart.

For more information about i am jerusalem, please visit