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Shinnyo-en Foundation Supports Global Glimpse and Their Leadership and Service Immersion Programs

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When:   January 8, 2012 at 11 am

Where:  Shinnyo-en USA Head Temple located at 3910 Bret Harte Drive, Redwood City, CA 94061

Who:    All interested in learning more about Global Glimpse

What:   Presentation by Eliza Pesuit, Global Glimpse Director, Scholar Program; Laila Essimidi, Outreach Coordinator and a number of high school alumni will share the meaningful work of Global Glimpse. 

In April, Ineko Tsuchida joined Global Glimpse Director, Eliza Pesuit, during a parent workshop at Andrew Hill High School in San Jose. Ineko and Eliza shared the excitement of being around students and parents preparing for their summer service-learning trip to Nicaragua.

Global Glimpse is a Bay Area based non-profit organization working to inspire high school students through leadership and service-learning programs in the developing world. The organization’s programs build the foundation and perspectives that empower young leaders to address the global challenges of their generation.

Global Glimpse works in partnership with 22 public high schools across the Bay Area in the counties of Alameda, Marin, Contra Costa, Yolo, San Francisco, San Mateo and Santa Clara. Since 2007, they have been dedicated to serving students from a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds and demographics through generous scholarships.

Students are nominated to participate in the Partner School Program in the fall of their junior year. Global Glimpse supports faculty and staff at their school by nominating students with strong potential who demonstrate leadership and a commitment to improve themselves and their communities. Students who are accepted into the Partner School Program receive scholarships based on need for the summer immersion trip and participate in six after school workshops during the spring that focus on globalization, development, leadership, and service and prepare students for their summer immersion.

During the summer students travel to Nicaragua for a three week education, service-learning, and leadership experience. They are immersed in the local community through educational seminars about history, culture, development, poverty, education, global business, politics and daily field trips. In addition, students design and engage in service projects in partnership with local communities and organizations. As students gain knowledge about the developing world, they also gain personal perspective through leadership training, reality challenges, group collaboration, and self-reflection sessions. Global Glimpse exposes youth to developing countries and unlocks their potential to affect change on a local and global scale.

The results are already becoming apparent as their alumni start service groups, initiate international projects, and attend renowned universities including Stanford, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, and University of California, Berkeley.

An excerpt from an alumni letter says it best:
“Every single day in Nicaragua, there were challenges to overcome and things to do that would make such an incredible difference. While living in the moment, I did not realize how much I grew as a person. However, after returning back home it finally hit me. I came to understand what the wonderful feeling that just keeps lingering in me meant. It was the feeling that I had garnered a newfound perspective; the feeling that taught me that I should continue to be inspired and to inspire others myself. For the very first time, I learned how immense of an impact a person can make.”

Kathy Lee, Andrew Hill High School in San Jose, 2011