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Letters of Support for Japan from 7th Graders at The Blake School

In the wake of the devastating March 11th earthquake, tsunami and subsequent aftershocks, children around the world began to write letters of support for those suffering from the tragedy in Japan.

Robert Zelle, a seventh grade English and Social Studies teacher at The Blake School organized just such a letter writing campaign for his students. A simple, but meaningful act, the letters are an expression of care, admiration of resilience, and offer community support to the survivors. The goal of the letters is to deliver words of hope and to express care for the people of Japan and their country during this very challenging time.

Each of the handwritten letters includes notes of encouragement, artwork and poetry.

Along with thousands of folded cranes; the letters will be delivered to Reverend Okano at the Shinnyo-en Grand Holy Temple in Tokyo, Japan after being displayed at the Shinnyo-en USA Head Temple in Redwood City, California.