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Cranes.3.Shinnyo-en Foundation strives to contribute toward creating a more harmonious and peaceful world by supporting community-based organizations and educational institutions that promote and engage youth in meaningful acts of service. Recently, we felt we could further enhance our mission by continuing to support these programs while also strengthening our focus on nurturing youth members of the Shinnyo-en temples and supporting those temples and their broader communities.

Our grantmaking approach is proactive and relationship-based. That is, we take time to get to know the mission, vision and programs of prospective grantees and carefully assess their needs. We invite proposals only when there is an optimal match between our mission and that of prospective grantees.

The process of relationship building takes time, so we ask potential grantees for their patience, keeping in mind that it may take six months or more to be invited to submit a proposal. Due to the limited capacity and resources of the Foundation, our grantmaking is currently limited to U.S. organizations and institutions. In addition, because of our proactive and relationship-based grantmaking approach, unsolicited proposals will not be considered. Prospective grantees must be tax-exempt with 501(c)(3) status and operate in accordance with generally accepted accounting practices. The Foundation does not make grants to capital campaigns or fundraising events.

To begin a relationship with the Foundation, please review our current grantmaking focus areas listed below to assess the match between our mission and yours. Shinnyo-en Foundation will provide preference to organizations and institutions that are:

  • Creating a compassionate, harmonious, and peaceful world through service, service-learning or volunteering.
  • Promoting youth engagement and leadership development through intergenerational, multi-faith, and multi-cultural/ethnic dialogues and interactions.
  • Committed to addressing the source of problems or “the root causes of human suffering” and have the capacity to make a long-term impact in the Foundation’s areas of interest.
  • Employing approaches to solving problems that are caring, thoughtful, reflective and sustainable.

In addition, a prospective grantee will be given priority if they meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Engaging in interagency collaboration with other like-minded organizations/institutions.
  • Meeting the needs of underserved populations.
  • Collaborating with the Shinnyo-en USA temples and/or their members in the temple communities.

You may contact the Foundation’s program staff if you feel your organization/institution meets the Foundation’s aforementioned focus areas.

Once it has been determined that a suggested program or project in your organization or institution is aligned with the Foundation’s mission, you will be given the Foundation’s Proposal Guidelines and invited to submit a full proposal. Once invited, Foundation program staff will work with you to further refine the goals of the grant, develop a timeline for reporting and payment schedules, and clarify mutual expectations. Program staff are also available to answer questions and provide additional assistance to applicants as needed.

The Foundation’s Board reviews grant proposals a few times in a year. As mentioned above, the proposal development and review process can take up to six months or more.

Once a grant has been approved, partner organizations are expected to keep program staff informed about the progress and any foreseeable changes in the proposed activities, budget, or timeline. They are also expected to submit interim and year-end reports in accordance with the terms of the grant agreement.

For more information, please contact Grants Manager, Francis Bencik (