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Grab the Torch

“Grab The Torch” philanthropy camp attracted 18 high school students to the beautiful countryside of Burlington, Vermont this summer for a week of service and leadership training. Students from all over the USA came to learn and work together as they developed ideas of self identity.

“Grab The Torch” is led by Dave Aldrich and is a well known and respected summer philanthropy, service and leadership summer experience open to high school students. Mr. Aldrich offers these camp experiences several times each summer in different parts of the country.

With Nan Peterson, Director of Service Learning at The Blake School in Minnesota and a Shinnyo-en Foundation Senior Fellow, many questions about service, a personal path to peace, personal values, peace, and leadership were explored.

What are my talents? What are my values? How will I use them to offer service to the world? What is suffering? What is compassion? What can I do to address the needs of the world? What can I do to make the world a more peaceful place? What is my path to peace?

Students worked with The Vermont Foundation, Ben and Jerry’s, Burton Snow Boards, the Navigator and other agencies to learn how these companies made social contributions.

“Grab the Torch” in Vermont has been generously supported by the following individuals and organizations:

  • Ken Berger, Charity Navigator
  • Webb Family, Shelburne Farms
  • Burton Snowboard, The Chill Foundation
  • Rich Davis, Vermont philanthropist
  • Lois McClure Family Foundation
  • Stuart Comstock Gay, The Vermont Community Foundation
  • Nick Ferguson, Institute for Philanthropy, UK
  • Hal Colston, Good News Garage
  • Google

To learn more about this wonderful work, please visit “Grab the Torch” at