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Global Ambassador

It was in India, this summer, that I visited an orphanage for disabled children, to give away some old clothes and toys that I no longer use. Sometimes, it is the smaller acts of kindness that can lead to powerful personal experiences. That is where my journey truly began.

 I have been a Global Ambassador for three years now, and it has been a truly amazing experience for me. Global Ambassadors is a program that works in collaboration with the Six Billion Paths to Peace initiative. In the sixth grade, I participated in a youth conference at the UN focusing on the topic of insufficient health care. Last year, I was a part of our Passion for Peace event and the yearly Global Run. As a part of our “It’s True News” series, I helped to raise awareness about global issues. We created movies about global issues such as animal endangerment, lack of fresh water and natural disasters.

In addition to my work with Global Ambassadors, I also often visit Cranberry Lake Nature Preserve in order to do what I can to conserve the environment. Because of my time with the children in India, I feel inspired to volunteer at an organization at our school to talk to and teach disabled children and do more for the less fortunate. I enjoy working with children, both disabled and otherwise, to teach them whatever I can and simply to spend time with them.  I hope to volunteer at the White Plains Hospital to be able to talk to patients there and perhaps instill hope within them.

Doing all of these things brings me a sense of Peace because it makes me feel good to know I am looking outside of myself to make a difference. Every time I talk to someone less fortunate than I or when I pick up a piece of trash off the forest floor, I can feel the glow of the truth within me. I realize that I am the change, that I really can do something for the world. Every tiny action that I take causes a positive ripple in the world. When actions like these add up, the result will be peace. I know that I am only one person, but I believe that where there is a will, there is always a way. I know that I want to do something, anything, to make this world a better place for everyone. I know that if I persevere, my goals will be achieved. One day, when our six billion paths connect, change will occur…peace will prosper.

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