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Eastview Middle School Opens New Digital Media Lab

On October 22nd, 2010, New York senator, Suzie Oppenheimer, cut the ribbon to the new Digital Media Lab, a center for innovation, at Eastview Middle School, built in order to assist us in our education. The Global Ambassadors greeted Senator Oppenheimer and interviewed her, asking questions about education, leadership and her goals for the future. She told students at Eastview how superb an asset this lab is to us, and how crucial it is for us to be able to use this state of the art technology, because these tools are what we will be using in the future, to aid us in our careers and global workforce. The lab will be used by many teachers in the school to incorporate 21st century technology skills to help students prepare for their futures. It will also be used by the Global Ambassadors to assist us in the creation of our projects this year.

The Ambassadors are excited to begin a new series called “Hidden Heroes: They Give, We Grow, the World Transforms…A Seven Billion Paths to Peace presentation”, as part of our local and global “It’s True News” program. This series will highlight and celebrate local peacemakers who spread benevolence and unity through small acts of kindness. By sharing their stories, the Ambassadors hope to influence the institution of a campaign for peace and kindness in our school and community. The videos, once completed, will be posted on our school website and our community cable channel. We eventually hope to initiate our own YouTube channel, as well, in order to share our stories and goals with the entire world.

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