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Congratulations to Shinnyo Fellow Sara Mizner for the 2010 William Sloane Coffin Award!

A most distinguished award for Shinnyo Fellow Sara Mizner!

Sara and Dr Hatem Bazian receive distinguished award

Sara and Dr Hatem Bazian receive distinguished award

Shinnyo Fellow Sara Mizner, UC Berkeley senior in Peace and Conflict Studies was awarded the 2010 William Sloane Coffin Awards.  Sara is the first student recipient of this distinguished award. Former award recipients include Professor Nancy Scheper-Hughes and Professor Emeritus Robert N. Bellah.


Sara was selected from an esteemed pool of nominations for her moral courage in the face of injustice, ability to foster meaningful activism, being an inspiration to others to live reflective and purpose-filled lives and derive their spiritual sustenance from faith.

The award honors recipients for their moral leadership tied to the campus community, in honor of Coffin, who died in 2006.  Coffin, Chaplain at Yale University (1958-75), was a respected, prophetic, moral voice and leader on campuses and throughout the world during the civil rights movement, the Vietnam War, and the nuclear arms race.

Dr Hatem Bazian, lecturer in Near Eastern Studies was also a recipient of the Sloane Coffine Award.

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