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“Ojo de Agua” at Leon Guanajuato, Mexico

The lake is here in Leon, Mexico very close from our place. It takes 10 minutes by car to get there.
So many children have participated to date – more than 30 children participated! They are so excited to go and work together!!

They can’t wait to put all of their work in a presentation to share with the foundation staff and especially with Haru.

We have already gone three times and each time the number of children increases. Usually we go there on Sundays from 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

It is such a beautiful place and yet it is so dirty and no one can enjoy the nature. All the children wrote signs with very nice messages like – “Please keep this place clean” – “The world will say thanks if you care about this place” – many others said similar messages. They took a video and interviewed most of participants and the children said some very interesting and meaningful things like “when we do something bad to nature, we are doing this to ourselves, because nature and people are not separate.” The children will put together a film of their work.

Unfortunately the week after there were only two or three signs left. People had taken them down. The children of the Six Billion Paths to Peace Club Mexico decided to continue hanging signs until people would understand the message and clean the lake.

So, when they reach the goal, we will have a huge PICNIC. The good news is that last Sunday we went again and it was cleaner than other times. We collected less than half the bags compared with the first time.

Also, others who were total strangers joined to collect the trash. Wow.

If we do it together it is easier and faster and fun! I don’t know if this is only a coincidence, but I saw more different and beautiful birds this visit at the lake than the last time. If you came, we can have a PICNIC, what do you think?

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