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Blake School Students Shine a Warm and Bright Light on the Six Billion Paths to Peace

Submitted by Nan Peterson

On two Friday evenings in April, members of the Blake School Class of 2013 and 2014 gathered together for a service project involving tying blankets that were then given to two Minneapolis neighborhood organizations.

Blake Students usually work with the Jabbok Family Center preparing and serving meals and tutoring. They also work at the Interfaith Outreach Community Partners Food Shelf and Household Items Free Store.

The students thought up their own service projects by visiting the agencies and asking them what they needed.  Once they were told about the need for warm and cozy blankets, the students set out organizing the event, gathering supplies and inviting classmates with the promise of a movie and pizza.

Once they’d done the preparation work and brought some of their classmates together for an evening of fun, they all set out to work tying the blankets together in such a way that they were warm and decorative – obviously made with care.

Sophomore leaders Marcus and Maddy co-led the event for their classmates and junior leader Stacie created, organized and led the event for her classmates. Marcus commented on how the event and events like this one not only help to build community among Blake School classmates, but also build community bridges between the Blake School and its local community.  Maddy has been volunteering for the Jabbok Family Center for years and enjoyed making the blankets as a tangible service project to support her neighbors in need.

As the Director of Service Learning at the Blake School, I helped with some logistics, but it was the students who took charge of determining the need and coming up with the plan.  After years of coaching service projects, I was once again impressed by what these students were able to accomplish on their own volition.