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Being at the Women’s Conference

Her Holiness connected deeply with so many participants at The Women’s Conference in Los Angeles on October 25th. The content and presentation of her remarks were professional, personal, and powerful.

How lovely Her Holiness looked! Her hair was beautiful; her suit simple and elegant; her scarf matched the set background. Her gentle beauty and soft voice drew us all into herself. She was the epitome of a compassionate, wise woman.

How appropriate at a conference for women to have a female key speaker. Conference reoccurring themes included  leadership, strength, following your passion, and honoring feminine values; Her Holiness embodies all these themes. She leads the Shinnyo-en Order with strength, commitment to religious values, wisdom and compassion. Her Holiness is a living example to be all we can be.

To me personally, Her Holiness was a model of female values. She was beautiful, compassionate, courageous, and wise. I resonated deeply with her remarks about how difficulties in life make us strong. She connected with me as she spoke with respect and love about the challenges her own mother faced. Her Holiness lives with courage, perseverance and vision each day. She is an example of female leadership and strength.

I find it fascinating that Her Holiness leads not with power over anyone; she attracts everyone she meets with the power of connection and care. Her gentleness and compassion lead us to our best selves – to our Buddha nature.

I felt somehow renewed and refreshed after listening to Her Holiness. Her words and her presence were calming and encouraging. She touched my heart and my mind in ways I can’t articulate. I felt filled by her presence, her voice, and her calmness.

The standing ovation and cheering for Her Holiness after her presentation were tributes to how she connected with and inspired so many of us fortunate to be in her presence. What an excellent way to introduce Shinnyo-en beliefs to the American public – woman to woman.

I am grateful for the experience of seeing Her Holiness at The Women’s Conference.

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