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Announcing! Shinnyo-en Foundation’s2012 Highlights Video

Watch One or Watch All Three
in English and Japanese!

We are very pleased to announce Shinnyo-en Foundation’s Highlights Video that features just three of the programs that we organized and sponsored in 2012. These three videos feature our grantees and the youths they work with, as they come together to participate in the 2012 National Service-Learning Conference in Minneapolis, MN, the Lantern Floating Ceremony in Honolulu, Hawaii, and the Foundation’s Annual Retreat in Marshall, CA.

Click here to see the full 18 minute video of our events or click on the individual links below for specific events.

Click here to watch the video in Japanese

Check out what our participants say about their experiences at:

  • The 2012 National Service-Learning Conference in Minneapolis, MN.
    We hosted three groups of youths who regularly perform service learning projects and a group of Shinnyo-en Young Adults who also have a strong service ethic at this annual conference where service learning practitioners meet each year to discuss their projects, share their successes, and rejuvenate to accomplish more in the year ahead! Click here to watch

  • The 2012 Shinnyo-en Hawaii Lantern Floating in Honolulu, HI.
    We hosted three interfaith youth groups and their chaperones to experience the beauty of the Lantern Floating and Water Consolatory Services presided over by Her Holiness Shinso Ito.  Watch to see their impressions of these traditionally Buddhist ceremonies and how they related it to their own faith traditions – Catholic, Hindu, Jain, Jewish, Muslim, Zoroastrian, as well as people who consider themselves Agnostic and Spiritual.  Click here to watch

Click here to read the article, “The 2012 Shinnyo-en Hawaii Lantern Floating”


  • The 2012 Annual Retreat at the Marconi Conference Center in Marshall, CA.
    Every August, we invite grantees and others working in the youth/service field to participate in a 2 ½ day retreat among the pine trees at Tomales Bay, where we reflect on our personal, cultural, and spiritual roots of service and inspire one another to sustain our paths to peace.  Learn more about our Annual Retreat – watch the video!  Click here to watch

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