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Putney School Summer Programs

PutneyIn partnership with the Putney School in Vermont, we offer a summer opportunity for Shinnyo-en Youth Association members to deepen their “Path to Peace” and their study of arts through an intensive residential program. The Putney School Summer Programs offer students the opportunity for in-depth exploration in the visual arts, performing arts, and creative writing, as well as sustainability through the Farm Program. Each year the Foundation sponsors four talented Shinnyo-en youth, between the ages 14-17 or currently in 8th-11th grade, to grow as a person and an artist.

“During summer programs I met so many inspirational and creative people. The learning environment, and nature was like no other. It’s so difficult to explain in words what kind of feeling it is to breathe, live, and just essentially be there. I remember being so nervous about coming here, but once I stepped off of that bus, I felt a sense of belonging. Everyone was happy and just being themselves. It was amazing.” – 2012 Participant

“The Putney Summer Programs is where teens go to express themselves through art and bond with people, nature, and the community. I had the wonderful experience of meeting different kinds of people from all over the world and taking on the responsibility of being independent and away from home.” – 2012 Participant

If you are a Shinnyo-en Youth interested in this opportunity, please contact your temple’s Youth Association leader for more information about the program and application process.

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